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 Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage

25 Minute Session                        $40.00

55 Minute Session                        $75.00

85 Minute Session                      $105.00




Private & Semi-Private Sessions


Private Sessions

One on One                                   $80.00

5 Prepaid Sessions                      $375.00

10 Prepaid Sessions                    $700.00


Semi-Private Session         $40/person




Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer Class                 $30.00

5 Prepaid Reformer Classes        $130.00


30 Day Pass                                  $225.00

3-Month All-Inclusive Pass        $645.00

(Excludes Sound Baths, special events, workshops)

Late Cancel/No Show                   $33.00


Group Classes

(Pilates Mat, Yoga, Adult Beginning Ballet)

Group Class                                    $17.00

5 Prepaid Classes                          $75.00


30 Day Unlimited Pass                 $75.00

(Excludes Pilates Reformer)      

3-Month Unlimited Pass            $210.00

Late Cancel/No Show                    $17.00

Contact us and schedule your first complimentary 
yoga or Pilates mat class today.

*New clients only


Gift certificates of any value available for purchase.  Can be used for any service offered at Aspire.  Contact the studio, purchase online, or drop in and purchase gift certificates today.

  • Class cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend a class that you have signed up for, please sign out of your class at least 12 hours ahead of schedule to avoid being charged the full price for the class that is cancelled late.


  • All-Inclusive 30 Day Pass holders: If you fail to show up for a class that you are scheduled for, your card on file will be charged a $30 no show fee for Pilates Reformer classes and $15 for all other group classes.


  • Massage cancellation policy: If you are unable to make your massage appointment, please notify Aspire within 24 hours. Late cancelled/missed massage appointments will be charged in full.

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