Meet the Aspire Wellness Studio Team

At Aspire Wellness Studio we focus on the health and wellness of the mind and body.  In addition to offering Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, and fitness classes, we offer different types of massage therapy which include Swedish and deep tissue.  Pilates and yoga work to integrate functional fitness for your daily life activities.  Massage therapy serves in assisting the mind and body to destress, reduce tension, and relax.  Our focus on the spine and core stability, and their relationship to the whole body, centers around creating a lifelong journey of overall fitness and health for our clients.  We aspire to live well, be well, and serve others well.

Rosalinda Vazquez Landeros, Owner
Pilates, Yoga, & Ballet Instructor

Rosalinda discovered Pilates in 1998 while studying for her BA in dance at California State University, Fullerton.  Soon after graduating in 2001, she found a local studio and began taking Pilates and yoga on a regular basis.  In 2006 she pursued a certification through BASI Pilates under the instruction of Karen Clippinger.  Since then she has studied Pilates and taken multiple workshops all over the world.  She performed for ten seasons with Nannette Brodie Dance Theater and was a guest performer with Sustaita Dance Company, Metropolitan Ballet, Grandeza Mexicana and Moving Arts Dance.  She continues to perform in local musical productions and is involved in the music and dance department at her church.  She is also a certified Yoga instructor from Anahata Yoga and Wellness instructor and teaches ballet.  She lives in Brea with her husband, Rick, their 2 daughters, and their 2 cats, Tango & Mambo.

Danny Valle, Pilates Instrutor

Danny Valle hails from San Jose, California and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional dance career. He has danced in film and television and has toured in concert and stage productions that have taken him around the world. He loves teaching fun yet challenging pilates classes and loves bringing balance, flexibility, and strength to his wonderful clients. He is a UCLA graduate with a BA in English, and enjoys gardening and taking adult gymnastics on his downtime. 

Michelle Pilati, Pilates Instrutor

Michelle Pilati had been doing Pilates for many years before she finally decided to pursue a certification through BASI Pilates.  She has been teaching at Aspire since 2013 and loves to give challenging classes.  Michelle's passion for teaching extends beyond the studio and when she's not advocating for education in Sacramento, she can be found at Rio Hondo College. Michelle has her doctorate and teaches as a Professor at Rio Hondo.  

Cynthia Arakawa, Pilates Instructor 

Cynthia teaches our Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat classes. Her approach to the body and mind are said to be gentle, yet effective. Cynthia's classes are a favorite with students. Pilates classes help with core strength, flexibility, and lean muscle tone.  Book a Pilates classes with Cynthia and see why people are raving over Cynthia's approach to aspiring wellness. 

Ruthie Smith, Pilates Instructor & Certified Massage Therapist

Ruthie is a certified massage therapist and Pilates instructor, licensed in multiple modalities and on multiple apparatus. Ruthie understands the mind-body connection and how muscle strengthening and balancing creates enhanced postural and body awareness.

Smith completed specialty training courses including Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains; Gray Institute Soft Tissue Foot and Ankle; Prenatal Massage; Booty Barre and Balanced Body Barre Method; Bender Training Functional Flexibility; Small Group Personal Training; Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair; E Fit and Gymstick Pilates Specialties; Equissage; and Massage modalities including Reiki, Swedish, Hot Stone, Soft Tissue and Shiatsu.

Tami Roth, Pilates Instuctor

After a visit to Seattle and hearing about Pilates and its amazing benefits, Tami took some Pilates classes and was hooked.  After a medical emergency almost took her mother's life, she relocated to Southern California.  Soon after Tami found a local studio where she could take challenging classes and also be able to enroll her mother for private sessions that could help with her rehabilitation.  In 2013, she began her pursuit to become a Pillates instructor and enrolled in the comprehensive teacher training through BASI Pilates.  She has been an instructor at Aspire since 2013 and currently resides in Hacienda Heights.

Stacy Mallicoat, Pilates Instructor

Stacy first came to pilates in an effort to resolve her chronic back pain from sciatica.  As a graduate student, she spent far too much time sitting at a desk in front of a computer, which only exacerbated her injury.  Pilates not only helped to rehabilitate her injury, but she fell in love with the movement that Pilates helped her discover.  After relocating to Southern California, she received her certification from One Body Studios / BASI in 2005 and has been teaching ever since.  Her practice not only helps her to maintain her posture and body alignment behind her desk (where she continues to spend too much time sitting) or teaching in the classroom as a professor at California State University, Fullerton, but it also helped support her during her pre and post-natal journey.  Her teaching style focuses on getting her clients to connect with their core to provide a supported spine and muscular flexibility.

Sheree King, Pilates and Ballet Instructor 

Sheree King loyally dedicated over 30 years to the Long Beach City College, serving as: Professor of Dance, Department Chair of Theatre, Dance and Film and Program Director of Dance.
Sheree was certified in Pilates by Rael Isacowitz and BASI. Since her retirement in 2015, Sheree continues to dance ballet, folk dance, and competitive Latin ballroom dance. Sheree continues her passion for teaching, she teaches occasionally at the Lois Ellyn Ballet Studio in Fullerton and choreographs for Nouveau Chamber Ballet. Sheree is happy to join Aspire Wellness Studio as a Pilates and Ballet instructor.

Susan Vazquez, Yoga and Pilates  Instructor 

Susan teaches Hatha, Yoga, and Pilates. Susan customizes Yoga and Pilates to create an ultimate experience

Hatha Yoga is a style of Yoga that focuses on alignment, and the mental and physical benefits of each pose. Hatha focuses on the breath and movement. Traditional Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines breathing techniques, physical poses, meditation and relaxation. 

LoraJean Blumer, Yoga Instructor 

LoraJean teaches our Gentle Yoga class. Our Gentle Yoga class  is calming and stress-relieving. This class will stretch and strengthen the body by warming up slowly and taking the time to go deeper into yoga poses. The focus of this class is to connect breath to movement and to improve strength, flexibility, and the mind-body connection. It will leave you refreshed and ready to leave your stressful day behind and fully enjoy your evening.

Corrine Barrios, Yoga Instructor 

Corrine spent years struggling with doctors and medications in search for a treatment for her autoimmune disease issues. Searching high and low, she came across Yoga as a treatment for the endless pain that disrupted her life. Corrine’s approach to Yoga has given her the peace, confidence, strength and the best exercise to help manage her digestive system.

 “My intention is to design safe, fun, and transformative classes for students across all levels of experience and to welcome all shapes, sizes with love, acceptance and an open heart.”

Tina Makris, Yoga RYT 500

Tina began her journey in Yoga over 16 years ago after healing herself from health issues through meditation.  She couldn't help but want to share this newly found gift with others.  She is an E-RYT 500 through the Yoga Alliance and directs the Anahata Yoga and Wellness Yoga Alliance approved teacher training.  She has an Advanced Yoga Therapy Certification through Loyola Marymount University, and is working on her Ayurveda Practitioners license.  She is certified through the American Council on Exercise, and holds a 1st degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate.  Classes offered by Tina include classical Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini and various types of meditation.  Her studies of over 14 years in the martial arts combined with her love and knowledge for Yoga and Ayurveda brings a well rounded open view in her teachings of the mind, body and soul.

Virginia Singleton, Yoga Instructor

Virginia Singleton is a Certified Fitness and Certified Yoga Instructor. She has over 25 years of teaching experience with students of all levels of fitness and abilities. Past teaching experiences include providing classes for the following: East Whittier YMCA, Ragazzi Yoga Studio, Rio Hondo College, Whittier Hospital, City of Whittier, and Aspire Wellness Studio.

Her fitness philosophy is: Honor Your Body. “ I encourage my students to set a fitness goal or intention and to work toward that goal while honoring their body. I encourage my students to modify or increase their intensity to fit their own needs while working at a safe and beneficial level for good health for mind, body, and spirit. For those students with injuries or chronic health conditions there are always modifications.

Sara Riley, Certified Massage Therapist N.M.T.

Meet Sara Riley, N.M.T. For Aspire Wellness Studio! A graduate from National Holistic Institutes

core and advanced neuromuscular therapy program. Neuromuscular therapy,

prenatal massage, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, and reiki/energy therapy are the

modalities that Sara currently practices. Her passion for helping others achieve

better quality of life through massage therapy, and knowledge of the human body come together

to create a unique and personalized experience for each client. No two massages will be alike,

each one is customized for the client’s needs. Sara has experience with people from all

backgrounds: athletes, office workers, and expecting mothers.

Georgina Rubio, Massage Therapist 

Massage Therapy has been practiced for over 3,000 years. Today, Massage therapy can help alleviate most  discomfort associated with muscular stresses on the body. Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that include: muscles, tendons, connective tissues, joints and ligaments. Georgina uses relaxing techniques to massage the body and ease muscle discomfort. 

Kyle Lam, Sound Bath 

Kyle Lam is a sound practitioner, whose roots stem from his musical background in performing chamber and classical compositions. Since an early age, his experience has included playing in both concert band and symphony settings with the grand piano and clarinet.  Kyle discovered the world of sound healing in 2015 through his practice of kundalini yoga, connecting deeply with the sound of the gong and the impact it has on the physical body and the subconscious mind. Now, Kyle facilitates a variety of sound healing related events for local communities, guiding participants in a musical meditative journey to experience the medicinal benefits of sound therapy. His goal is to help bring community together, moreover, to raise the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the community.

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